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This week
Evita Vasiljeva's exhibition “Still Stands and Resilient Nows” 24.10.2018 12:00 Tallinn City Gallery

From 19 October, a solo exhibition by Evita Vasiljeva titled "Still Stands and Resilient Nows" will be open at Tallinn City Gallery. Vasiljeva’s first exhibition in Estonia speaks of continuous movement, uncertainty, and possibilities.

Kumu Documentary: Jaar, Lament of the Images 31.10.2018 18:00 Kumu auditorium

The film observes the creative and personal process of Alfredo Jaar (b.1956), the most renowned international Chilean contemporary artist.

6th Artishok Biennal 25.10.2018 The passenger ...

From 20 to 28 October, the passenger terminal of the Baltic railway station in Tallinn will host the 6th Artishok Biennial (VI AB) which will use the format of a fashion exhibition.

Coming soon
Opening Ceremony of the 22nd Black Nights Film Festival and opening film "Awaken"

Opening Ceremony of the 22nd Black Nights Film Festival at Alexela Concert Hall (Estonia pst 9) at 7 p.m. on Friday, November 16.

Kumu Documentary: Dolphin Man

Discover the story and legacy of Jacques Mayol, the legendary free-diver whose life became the inspiration for Luc Besson's cult film The Big Blue.

Renate Keerd "Will"

Author, director, artist and musical designer: Renate Keerd

Prime Mover

A Prime Mover is an impulse to act. It is the giant machinery of the environment, technology, history, sensations and dreams that we are a part of.

Ballet evening: Estonian ballet 100

The short ballets of Tiit Helimets, Eve Mutso and Jevgeni Grib will be performed.

Hippie Revolution

A theatre production part of the Estonian theatres' project Centennial Story that focuses on the years 1970-80.

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