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This week
German Spring 2017 - focus on Baden-Württemberg 23.05.2017 Tallinn

On April 25 to May 25, 2017, the German Embassy in collaboration with Goethe Institute and other partners presents the event series "German Spring".

Saturday tour with a guide at Estonian National Museum 23.05.2017 14:00 Estonian National ...

Estonian National Museum offers a chance to participate in a guided tour every Saturday starting on March 25. During the tour, the permanent exhibitions of the museum, "Echo of the Urals" and "Encounters", will be introduced.

Tallinn Literature Festival "HeadRead" 24.05.2017 Tallinn

The festival organised by writers, publishers and translators is a party, a conversation, and a pure pleasure.

Exhibition "Secrets of the Ancient Sea" 23.05.2017 10:00 Museum of Natural ...

Starting on January 20, 2017, the exhibition "Secrets of the Ancient Sea" is open in the Estonian Museum of Natural History. The exhibition invites you to explore the mysterious bottom of the sea from 600 million years ago to today.

Coming soon

Opera by Giuseppe Verdi in two acts.

International Visual Theatre Festival NuQ Treff

NuQ Treff is a festival of modern visual theatre with the goal of introducing and popularising modern puppet arts, preserving and continuing puppetry traditions and surprising with art forms we never even knew existed.


The ethno-fashion show OwnFashion was launched in 2012 as an event for the graduates of Estonian Native Textile programme to present their final creative works.

Folk culture party "Estonian Wedding" in Valgamaa

On August 20, 2017, a public wedding takes place in Säde Park in Valga, which is held based on the Estonian wedding traditions of the 19th century.

Kumu Documentary: "Magnus"

Director: Benjamin Ree

11th Türi Spring Festival

11th Türi Spring Festival is titled "Spring – Love is in the Air". Fresh spring air, lilacs, birdsong, great concerts, and exciting events!

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