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This week
Eike Eplik’s personal exhibition “Beauty Salon” 22.09.2017 Tartu Art House

Eike Eplik shows the beauty of things.

Journey to Infinity 22.09.2017 Pärnu Museum of New ...

The man's life is a journey from cradle to grave. For some it is nonexistently short, for others, it is annoyingly long.

Exhibition 'Our Friend Bicycle' 22.09.2017 Gallery of the ...

Bicycle celebrates its 200th anniversary this year, although on the Estonian roads and streets two-wheelers have been rolling only half of that time.

Exhibition "Children of the Flowers of Evil. Estonian Decadent Art" 22.09.2017 Kumu Art Museum

"Do you remember the thing we saw, my soul, that summer morning, so beautiful, so soft: at a turning in the path, a filthy carrion, on a bed sown with stones?" (Ch. Baudelaire, trans. Jack Collings Squire).

Coming soon
Pure Mind

Everything is possible.

Concert "When Silence Falls"

An international music group performs Merje Kägu's authorial creation.

15th Folk Music Harvest Festival

The Folk Music Harvest Party, which was established in 2003, is a two-day festival, which always offers something different to the audience, with an emphasis on the more intimate and authentic side of traditional music.

Children’s and Youth Film Festival 'Just Film'

On November 17-26 2017, 'Just Film', the largest film festival for children and young people, will take place in Estonia.

Lounging concert: Mirjam Tally and Meelika Hainsoo

On September 30, 2017, it's possible to dream or have a discussion with the whole world at Estonian Traditional Music Center. In September, your companions on this road will be Mirjam Tally and Meelika Hainsoo.


Opera by Giuseppe Verdi in two acts.

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