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This week
Summer classics in Palamuse: Beloved Film Music 30.07.2017 17:00 Palamuse Church
Palamuse small borough

The program includes music from the movies Those Old Love Letters (Need vanad armastuskirjad), Les Misérables, Spring (Kevade), Bumpy (Nukitsamees), Farinelli, Les Liaisons dangereuses, Meet the Parents.

Evald Okas. Paint anything! 26.07.2017 Evald Okas Museum

The joy of painting of Evald Okas transferred also to the surrounding objects: doors, chairs, smaller commodities. He has also used enamel painting and designed carpets and bindings.

25th Viljandi Folk Music Festival 27.07.2017 Viljandi ...

The theme of the 25th Viljandi Folk Music Festival is "New and Old", which also gives inspiration for the festival's 25th jubilee celebrations.

Exhibition "Secrets of the Ancient Sea" 26.07.2017 10:00 Museum of Natural ...

Starting on January 20, 2017, the exhibition "Secrets of the Ancient Sea" is open in the Estonian Museum of Natural History. The exhibition invites you to explore the mysterious bottom of the sea from 600 million years ago to today.

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C-JAM Cellofest 2017

Estonian Symphony Orchestra of Music Teachers and C-JAM are organizing C-JAM Cellofest.

Viljandi Art Festival "QQ"

QQ / Viljandi Art Festival will be held for the first time and its goal is to create an international activity platform and meeting place bridging and involving different fields of art.

Seto kostipäiv or Pop-up Café Day

Pop-up Café Day takes place once a year in August, about one week after the Seto Kingdom Day festival. The cafes can be found in the most widespread places.

Sci-Fi Festival

Sci-Fi Festival is a compact cultural event that transforms Tartu New Theatre into a unique sensory space where representatives from different fields of sci-fi culture, state of mind theater and horizons of perception of fantasia meet.

Guided Tour around the Estonian National Opera

Would you like to see more of Tallinn Opera House or learn about life of the Estonian National Opera and Ballet?

12th Tallinn Design Festival

Tallinn Design Festival is a significant annual event demonstrating the achievements of designers of Estonia and other countries but also the mind set of design community.

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