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15th Folk Music Harvest Festival

The Folk Music Harvest Party, which was established in 2003, is a two-day festival, which always offers something different to the audience, with an emphasis on the more intimate and authentic side of traditional music.


Friday, October 6

19:00 Tour of Estonian Ethno (small hall)
20:00 Etnokulp music awards (big hall)
21:30 New winds: Küteton! (big hall)
22:30 Dobranotch (big hall)
00:30 Sander Mölder (small hall)

Saturday, October 7

11:00 Malva's musical journey vol. 2 (all over Viljandi)
16:00 Andre Maaker (Viljandi Manor)
18:00 Gala concert of solo instruments (small hall)
20:00 Estbel (big hall)
21:30 New winds: Duo Mänd & Krüsban (small hall)
22:00 In the beginning, there was an Alle-aa (big hall)
23:30 Tintura (big hall)
00:30 MandoTrio + jamming dance house

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