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Laureate of the Golden Mask award, Roman Feodor from Krasnoyarsk Youth Theatre directs "Antigone" at Russian Theatre. "Antigone" is based on the tragedy by Sophocles as well as play by Jean Anouilh.

Director Roman Feodori (Krasnoyarsk Youth Theatre)
Artist Daniil Ahmedov (Moscow)
Choreographer Olga Privis
Composer Aleksandr Žedeljov
Light designer Igor Kapustin
Director's assistant Tatjana Kaur

Tragicomedy in three acts
Simultaneous translation into Estonia
Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes
Not recommended to children under 16

Sophocles’ tragedy was first staged in 442 BC. Jean Anouilh’s play was brought to stage in 1944.
For two thousand and five hundred years the characters of the Ancient Greek myth have captivated viewers and readers.
“King Creon is unable to struggle free from his hopeless loneliness, not having the guts to end his life,” says Feodor. “In Anouilh’s version, in the words of Nietzsche, there is no god - there is only conscience, here portrayed by Antigone. An uncompromising conscience that everyone has to understand themselves.”
An important part next to the Sophocles’ and Anouilh’s version is the Tallinn 2013 “Antigone”, to be written by Feodor with the choreographer Olga Prives, artist Daniil Ahmedov, musical director Aleksandr Žedelev and actors. The new part focuses on the cynical present age, where any heroic deed ends up as a talk show subject and a chance to earn money. Indeed - what was Antigone’s motivation when she sacrificed her life disobeying the king who forbid her from burying her brother? Altruism? Stupidity? Insanity? Arrogance? What do we feel when we think about her behaviour? Irritation? Empathy? Pity? Qualms of conscience?

Roman Feodor is well known for his interest in classics, looking for answers for the most important questions about human existence. At the same time, he is intrigued by highly contemporary Teatr.doc, which allows him to create a timeless story with the theatre’s creative collective.
Premiere at Russian Theatre on March 28, 2013.


Ilja Nartov – Creon
Tatjana Kosmõnina – Antigone
Alina Karmazina – Antigone
Natalja Dõmtšenko – Ismene
Aleksandr Žilenko - Haimon
Liidia Golovataja, Lilia Šinkarjova, Jelena Jakovleva – wet nurses
Artjom Garejev – choir leader
Aleksandr Kutšmezov - Polyneikes
Sergei Furmanjuk - Eteocles
Dmitri Kosjakov - Teiresias
Oleg Rogatšov, Dmitri Kordas, Anna Markova - guards
Tatjana Kosmõnina, Alina Karmazina - Eurydike
Anna Markova, Marina Malova, Tatjana Jegoruškina - Erinnyes

Also appearing: students of the Russian Theatre studio
NB! Actors are smoking on the stage.
NB! Some of the dialogue contains vulgar expressions

2 hours and 45 minutes (two intermissions).

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The project is supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture, European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals and the Integration and Migration Foundation Our People (MISA).

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