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Exhibition Trash 2 by the art group Neoeksprepost

The Neoeksprepost art group is back at the City Gallery after 22 years.

The legendary art group Neoeksprepost will again exhibit Trash – ideas that have been discarded by art and society, but which the artists believe deserve to be saved.

The artists participating in the exhibition include Urmas Puhkan, Sorge, Ionel Lehari, Andro Kööp, Ivar Kaasik, Paol-Mario Ving, Taavet Vool, Siim Aimla, Maarja Ruut, Max Fresenberg (DE), Ekstra Hölderlin (TH), Hannes Aasamets, Henrik Rakitin, Johann-Aleksander Kööp, and Mark Antonius Puhkan. Trash 2 will be open until 1 November 2015.

You are invited to the opening on 16 October at 6 p.m.!

Trash 2 springs from the first Trash exhibition that took place at the Art Hall Gallery 22 years ago. Neoeksprepost’s concept of trash includes everything that is discarded and unpopular. With tenderness and attention, the artists gather unfashionable materials, practices and viewpoints and revitalise them in the gallery. New life is given to honesty, evading and dodging, passion, social criticism, and the premonitions of slumbering heroism.

The group, which composed its name from the prefixes of the styles of art history, presumes the freedom to reuse old styles (neo) and be both expressive and experimental, to be ahead (pre) and behind (post) the times. The artists have a free hand in this exhibition, the only limitation is the choice of materials: discarded items are recycled, re-invented – details from both domestic households as well as the demolished Ministry of Finance.

Andro Kööp, one of the engines of the art group, sees a clear difference with the early 1990s: 'Now we have arrived at a time when overconsumption, the depletion of raw material resources, etc. have resulted in a situation where trash as such does not exist. Everything is recycled; this is the predominant direction and trend. We all sort trash. Perhaps today’s trash is actually the information trash that people produce and consume in their heads or immaterial trash – certain attitudes, behaviour, or views. During 22 years the world has undergone explosive change.'

The group’s works called upon the viewer to think about beauty and judgement-based preconceptions, and the 'goal of the of the exhibition is to establish contact with the audience; to make the viewer’s thoughts move in a direction that even the artist does not want, to make the viewer feel happy and to be memorable.'

The background audio has been created by Taavet Vool and Siim Aimla; and works from the first exhibition will be on view.

Neoeksprepost, which was started in 1988, is a cross-generational art group with a broad platform. It does not have any permanent members, or thematic or form-related limitations. It operates as an embodiment enabling the artists’ playful self-expression, which can test the agreements between art and the collective body, such as good taste, beauty, creative freedom, fun and sincerity. In addition to galleries, the group’s projects have been organised on passenger ships and in a jewellery shop. In 1991, they received the Vaal Gallery’s first annual prize.

Neoeksprepost thanks: Trans Chemicals, Ooker Reklaam, Kehtna Basic School, Renovare, ID Kangas, Fund Ehitus, Aspen Grupp, Alter Mööbel, Torpedo Projekt, Tiit Hindpere, Peeter Rakitin, Piret Kallaste, Kati Sihvre, Kalev Tamm, Vahur Sepp, Mart Tamm, and Taavi Rull.

Repro: Ekstra Hölderlin. The Trash of Cheap Eastern Manufacturers Revelling in the Trash Bin of a Welfare Society. Installation, kittens made of rabbit hair produced in China, indigenous trash, 2015

Tallinn City Gallery
17 October – 1 November 2015
Harju 13
Wed-Sun 12 noon to 6 p.m., free

More information:
Andro Kööp, artist
(+372) 56 957 083

Press release compiled by
Anneli Porri

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