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The Festheart is a LGBTI film festival, where you can enjoy world cinema, hold meaningful debates and discuss LGBTI community issues.

NPO Sevenbow will launch the LGBTI film festival to celebrate Estonian 100th anniversary year, thus giving Estonia more insight, tolerance, and high-quality cinema experiences. We hope that in the next 100 years, we will become more open, tolerant and understanding. We are proud of our country and, as proud citizens, we also contribute to the development of our country and our society. Together for better Estonia! In connection with the jubilee of the Republic, you will certainly find interesting discussions about our past and future from the programme, as well as good Estonian cinema and artists.

At the center of the festival is a film programme consisting of 6 full-length feature films, a documentary programme, a short film programme and an animation programme. The films that have not yet been screened in Estonia are preferred. In addition to raising the LGBTI topics, the aim of the film programme is to bring high-quality European, American and Asian films to our audience, which will otherwise not be available.

An important part of the festival is a vast side programme, which includes debates, discussions, and reflections on topics that are relevant to the LGBTI community in Estonia. An LGBTI-themed art exhibition will take place at the Rakvere Gallery. In addition, we organize two entertaining parties in the framework of the festival.

The aim of the festival is to find a common language between different social groups. We believe that intelligent debate contributes to the growth of tolerance and acceptance.

Festival programme:

October 6, 2017
Short film programme
One feature film
Party at night

October 7, 2017
Short and documentary film programme
Three feature films
Discussions, debate
Culture club on the evening

October 8, 2017
Animation programme
Two feature films
Discussion cafe

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