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Joint exhibition "Painting" by Laurentsius and Mauri Gross

Laurentsius (Lauri Sillak) and Mauri Gross are Tallinn based artists who are associated through the passion for painting and the early years of the 90s at Estonian Academy of Arts. At the exhibition, artists present their works from the recent years.

Laurentsius is one of the most intriguing characters in Estonian art – modest and eremitic but on the other hand, courageously idiosyncratic and productive. Laurentsius's works combine academic painting with pop art. Valuing, on the one hand, the classical still-life in the style of the 17th century Low Countries painting school, his work has often been associated with kitsch and camp. Using skillfully kitsch vocabulary, Laurentsius's works are at the same time the parody of kitsch, magnifying the kitsch elements to the maximum.

Mauri Gross is inspired by his awe for traditional painting. In his latest works, he deals with the subjective value and changing meanings of painted figures. He paints the ordinary everyday things by looking at how the spotlight of the classical oil painting changes their value and meaning. With his work, Gross wants to involve the viewer to experience the dissonance that comes up while combining quality paintings and everyday things.

The exhibition is open from Wednesday to Sunday at 10 a.m. t0 6 p.m.

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