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Mari Kalkun & Runorun in concert

A concert by Mari Kalkun (vocals, Estonian kannel), Maija Kauhanen (vocals, zithers), Nathan Riki Thomson (double bass) and Tatu Viitala (percussions).

Tapping into the force of Estonian runo songs, contemporary poetry and Finno-Ugric music, the quiet musical landscapes of the band give rise to a wild orchestra of voices and instruments. All members of the group have outstanding and manifold skills with instruments, excellent knowledge of traditions and wonderful fantasy.

In addition to the Võru songstress and zither player Mari Kalkun, Runorun also includes Maija Kauhanen, who won the Finnish zither playing competition, the experimental and skillful double bass player Nathan Riki Thomson, who has extensive experience in world music, and the sensitive rhythm magician Tatu Viitala.

Mari Kalkun was voted best Estonian folk singer in 2013. The groups latest record Tii ilo was released by the Finnish record company Rockadillo Records.

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