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Night of Museums at the Children's Literature Centre

Come to play in the Children's Literature Centre at the Night of Museums!

Our games are inspired by children's literature and books. In the library, seeking-the-book game can be played. In the hall on the second floor, there is the game of looking at the pictures. At 20.30, pianist and improviser Farištamo Eller will make music in the balcony hall. Music will be accompanied by a pre-programmed video installation, which reacts to the pitch and volume of the sounds and plays along with the music, adding even more playfulness. In the attic, everyone can take part in a workshop and a badge chamber is also open (1-euro badge).

The Estonian Children's Literature Centre is a real treasure trove of children's books in Tallinn Old Town, containing both well-known and little-known books. The greatest rarities are held in repositories to protect and preserve them. The repositories are accessible with tours starting at 18, 19 and 20. As the size of the tour groups is limited, please pre-register at +372 617 7236.

In parallel, the centre's permanent exhibition is open!


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