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Tartu Nature Festival 2017

City and nature do not sound like words that can be used harmoniously in one sentence. On one hand, there is stone, asphalt, noise and dust, the other symbolises peace, rest, and clean air.

In everyday hassle, there may not be time to notice that actually nature is all around you in a city as well.

On June 7-10, 2017, Tartu Nature Festival takes place, inviting people to notice the urban nature and the species living in the urban environment. Workshops, nature hikes, conversation evenings, nature games, and interesting activities for the whole family take place during the festival days. For the first time, the festival also has a cultural programme, which offers evening screenings of nature and environmental films.

On the opening day, June 7, everyone is invited to Tartu central park to take part in nature-themed workshops, learn to make things and play. Nature and environmental specialists are present sharing information and tips about maintaining and enriching the biodiversity of urban nature. Additionally, the winners of the urban nature photo contest "Wild City" are announced and a pop-up photo exhibition of the participating works opened.

On June 10, digital exploration of urban nature aka Mini-BioBlitz takes place, where everyone can participate in determining the urban plant and animal species. A smart device or a photo camera should be brought. The exact location will be announced.

Notice the urban nature!

The programme of Tartu Nature Festival is available here:!

The activities are free of charge, until notified otherwise.

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