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The Fifth Annual Tilt International Improv Festival presents: The Moment (FIN/USA) - “Here, Now” / Rocky Amaretto (NLD) - “Everybody has one”

The Fifth Annual Tilt International Improv Festival takes place on 21-23 September at St. Catherine’s Church!

Improv differs from classical theatre in that the entire performance is invented on the spot, inspired from suggestions given by the audience. Every performance is unique and will never be seen again, because it's not possible to improvise the same story twice. Tilt brings you the best improv actors and teachers from Estonia and all over the world! Tilt: Theatre like never before! (And also never again.)

The Moment (FIN/USA) - “Here, Now”
NB! The performance will be in English.

In "Here, Now" Kaisa and Chris spend 45 minutes with you in real time, drifting in and out of a series of memories, flashbacks, and prognostications, based on emotional truths from our lives. There are heaps of joy, delight, and honesty, with teasing and truthful conversation in equal measure.

Kaisa and Chris are both improvisers, instructors, and community leaders - one in Finland, and one in the USA. They only play together a few times a year, but it is an annual highlight for both.
In their instruction, both teachers emphasize honesty, vulnerability, truthfulness, physicality, silence, and genuine fun. Their shows are a reflection of these common interests!


Rocky Amaretto (NLD) - “Everybody has one”
NB! The performance will be in English.

We all have stories about our fathers, being a father or maybe becoming one. Rocky Amaretto will play their show ‘Fathers’. Kicking off the show with a true story surrounding the theme by one of the players, then opening up the dialogue with the audience.
Stories from the audience and stories from the players will be translated to the stage.
Sometimes we will find the obvious, sometimes a hidden gem. Sometimes raw, sometimes hilarious, sometimes dramatic but always fierce. Prepare for a ride.
Cast: Roemer Lievaart, Sven Lanser & Marith Venderbosch

Rocky Amaretto has been performing in the Netherlands since 2010. Founded to fill the gap between scripted and improvisational theatre Rocky Amaretto is always on the search for the theatrical and the unexpected. Showing life as it is, could be or never will be. Delivering painfully hilarious scenes to you, the audience.

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