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Canada: exhibition "Building a Community: Estonian Architects in Post-War Toronto" 22.01.2018 Tartu College

On Friday, 22 September an exhibition titled “Building a Community – Estonian Architects in Post-War Toronto” organized by the Museum of Estonian Architecture in collaboration with the Museum of Estonians Abroad opens at Tartu College in Toronto.

Finland: exhibition 'The Bridge: Greetings from Two Republics' 22.01.2018 Helsinki City Gallery ...

Using photos and video materials, and suggesting intriguing new angles, the Estonian-Finnish joint exhibition 'The Bridge' tells a story of both republics' 100-year independence.

Germany: exhibition of Estonian architectural drawings in Berlin 22.01.2018 Berlin

From October 6, 2017, the exhibition about the architectural drawings from the 1970s and 1980s - 'Centrifugal Tendencies. Tallinn – Moscow – Novosibirsk' - is opened at the Museum for Architectural Drawing in Berlin.

Finland: Espoo City Theatre's Estonian weeks 26.02.2018 Espoo Cultural Centre

During the Espoo City Theatre's Estonian weeks, it's possible to enjoy exciting theatre productions from both Tallinn and Viljandi.

Finland: Jaanus Samma's solo exhibition "Viestejä – sõnumid" 22.01.2018 Aine Art Museum

Jaanus Samma will open his solo exhibition "Viestejä – sõnumid" at the Aine Art Museum in Tornio, Northern Finland.

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