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Belgium: The Archaeology of the Screen: The Estonian Example 22.09.2017 BOZAR

An exhibition bringing together artists working with different kinds of technology, and placing them in an historical context.

Finland: photographic exhibition "The Waterfowl People. Lennart Meri’s film expeditions 1969-1988" 22.09.2017 Tampere Finnish Club

The exhibition presents photographs of Lennart Meri’s travels to Finno-Ugric peoples between 1969 and 1988 and recollections of Enn Säde, sound designer of four of Meri’s films, interspersed by Meri’s own comments. The designer is Peeter Laurits.

United Kingdom: Estonian design overview exhibition "Size Doesn't Matter" 22.09.2017 London
United Kingdom

Through international exhibitions, we showcase the achievements of Estonia as a rapidly-developing design country with strong roots in the applied arts and an innovative long-standing furniture industry.

Belgium: exhibition of contemporary Estonian art "Kahe-vahel" 22.09.2017 Euroopa Parlament

From July 11 to the end of December 2017, the exhibition of contemporary Estonian art "Kahe-vahel" is open on the 3rd floor of the European Parliament in Brussels.

USA: Estonian pavilion at Performa biennial in New York 01.11.2017 New York
United States of America

Estonia participates in the "Pavilion Without Walls" programme of the Performa biennial in New York.

USA: Katja Novitskova's exhibition "Earth Potential" 22.09.2017 New York
United States of America

From June 22 to September 9, 2017, Katja Novitskova's exhibition "Earth Potential" is open in the City Park Hall of New York.

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